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I remember 2 years ago we were shooting anonymous…

now we are calling for the doctor

Apr 17    3988
  • Things I loved about it: EVERYTHING OMFG
  • Things I hated about it: JONGHYUN'S NOT EVEN IN IT OMFG
Apr 16    113



"your crush is coming!"

"what do I do?"

"act normal"




Apr 16    15127


choreographer: what a sick beat

choreographer: make a crotch portal

choreographer: sehun, go dance in the crotch portal

Apr 11    3461


you dumb fucks leaked the exo comeback video again didn’t you

Apr 09    13767


A year ago, I would have never ever even thought about uploading this photo.
But I’d say I’m recovered now so I just wanted to let you all know: You will always have rolls when you sit down - unless you are very, very underweight. It’s completly normal and actually necessary.
Imagine this wouldn’t happen. Imagine your tummy would be flat when you bend over - no fat rolls, no skin rolls. What would happen when you’re standing straight again? It will tear apart because it cannot stretch! 
My goal was not having rolls when I sit down - I developed bulimia. It was my best friend’s goal - she ended up in a hospital for being anorexic.
So please don’t focus on that. I like the way my body looks when I stand straight, so I also accept the way it looks when I bend over. And so should you!

Apr 04    4219


wow i thought that they had just taken a 360 degree picture while jumping but according to sooyoung they ACTUALLY jumped, floated, and stayed still in the air for this 10-second part in the “genie” video.. they surprise me everyday with their talents

Mar 21    24874

they were supposed to give a supporting message for toheart but then they suddenly made a group name of their own XD

Mar 19    2752




shots fired

rockets launched

Mar 11    512516

“You asked on my first day as an intern why I became a doctor… I couldn’t tell you then. To be honest, a sense of duty and respect for a precious, nobel life, I don’t have any of that. I wanted to start again. What I mean is… Because of the people who stepped on me and ignored me… I wondered what’s so amazing about being a doctor. What’s so great about doctors. Why am I such a nobody…”

Mar 10    513


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don’t blame women for the fact that someone they trusted betrayed them in such an intimate way

solidarity with my ladies

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